Edgewater Behavioral Health Services

Since 1974, Edgewater Behavioral Health Services has been committed to promoting healthy, sustainable communities in the Gary, IN area. In order to obtain that, we have developed services and programs to cater to individuals or groups in need.

Bringing Balance to Life

Many people with mental illnesses experience an erosion of their ability to take care of themselves, perform the normal activities of daily living, function appropriately in personal and business relationships, and perform on the job. They are not to be treated like social castaways who no longer have a contribution to make. Edgewater Primary Care Services, Acute Crisis Stabilization Services, Community Support Services (CSS), and Adult Residential Services (ARS) offer a broad range of services that train the person to live a comfortable, stable and contributory life within the community.

Family and Youth Services

These services are designed to assist families and children, especially those from single-parent homes or blended households. The goal is to provide individualized treatment and group therapy to help clients improve their behavior and perform more effectively in society. Therapists, case managers and counselors are always available to assist clients in the implementation of their treatment plans.